South part of the Island

Duration: 6-7 hours
Group: maximum 8 people
Hot picnic lunch cooked and served in nature
Starts from LADA
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After meeting with driver and guide at LADA Guesthouse everybody drive to the observation point at the top of the hill south from Khuzhir village. It is a great panoramic view over the village and you can also see far away into the sea and south part of the island. All the straght of Small Sea is in front of you. 

There are few small tiny lakes on the shores of lake Baikal and also there is one on this route. Yalga lake is separated from lake Baikal by a line from mix of stones and sand. This lake is small, but contains lots of pike and other fish. The water here is much warmer than in the rest of the lake. 

The driver continues to drive across beautiful south part of Olkhon Island, making its way through stepp, forest and hills. Stops in the most beautiful places. After a hike to the shore of Big Baikal Sea hot picnic lunch is awaiting. Traditional style outdoor cooking.