This is an evening tour by boat in the Small Sea Strait along western shore of Olkhon Island. It creates unforgettable memories of the island and the shore in the light of the setting sun. Highlights
This is a boat tour to the western shore of the Small Sea Strait, the Holy Spring and Ogoy Island. It also includes climbing to Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment.
It is a one day tour to the northern part of Olkhon Island. Here you will find perfect scenes to videotape and take pictures of. The tour includes visiting unique nature reserves and religious places of Olkhon Island.

It is a one day tour to the southern part of Olkhon Island. You will visit Kobilya golova Cape which is the oldest religious place of the local people. You will enjoy stunning views of the Small Sea Strait and the Primorskiy Range and will visit scenic spots of the southeastern part of Olkhion Island.

The tour includes introduction to everyday life, culture and cuisine of the local Buryat people of the Olkhon Island.