Creative service

Creative service
Lada features, in addition to guest houses, a separate dining room where all guests can try traditional Siberian cuisine from a professional chef. 

Dining room is made in modern Russian style. Finish: natural wood. Such a seemingly simple interior creates home atmosphere, but at the same time does not forget about the fact that we are in the extraordinary place of Baikal lake. 

You cannot pass on this when you smell the kitchen. It eckons with aromas of cooked dishes. Everybody finds his favourite meal here. Food is coocked in everyone's preference. Variety of meat, vegetables, poultry, tender Baikal fish in different variations, delicious pastries will keep you up and running during your stay. 

The secret is in the fact that everything here is coocked with love. It is our top priority to see our guests full and happy. 


  • Breakfast - 300 rubles
  • Lunch - 400 rubles
  • Dinner - 400 rubles

Price for children up to 12 years of age:

  • Breakfast - 200 rubles
  • Lunch - 300 rubles
  • Dinner - 300 rubles