Lada Guesthouse is located in the village of Khuzhir, which is the biggest village in the middle of Olkhon Island.

We will gladly help you and your family to spend the best days in the middle of the biggest lake in the world.

Please book by any suitable way: call, sms, e-mail, or use website form.

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Russian Federation
666137, Irkutsk Oblast,
Olkhon Island, Khuzhir village,
Tayozhnaya street 30
Lada Guesthouse
+7 914 925 2362
English speaking
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How to get to the base:

  • Personal transport
  • By bus Irkutsk-Khuzhir
  • Water transport – the Comet (to the Bay zagli) "Barguzin" (Khuzhir)
  • By taxi
  • Shuttle bus (departure from the bus station and Central market)

If You decide to go by private transport:

  • Estimated journey time about 6 hours.
  • Here (link to . Ferry "MRS – Olkhon island") you will be able to view the schedule of the ferry.

If You decide to go by bus:

  • Departure from Irkutsk bus station (street of October revolution, 11).
  • Departure time 08-00.
Tel: 8(3952) 20-91-15,
Reference: 8(3952) 20-94-11

If You decide to reached by water transport:

'The box office pre-sale tickets:

  • g. Irkutsk, m-n sun, Rechnoy Vokzal "Rocket" (working hours from 10-00 to 19-00). Tel:8(3952)35-88-60
  • g. Irkutsk, ul Tsesovskaya embankment "River station"(from 12-00 to 18-00). Tel: 8(3952)28-74-67
  • "Barguzin" (in the period from 07.07 25.08 on a flight every Monday). Departure at 09-15, p. arrival to Khuzhir at 17-05.
  • "Comet" (in the period from 20.06 29.08 on flights every Tuesday and Friday). Departure at 08-30, arrival in zagli Bay at 14.00. Recall that the distance from the Bay zagli to the Khuzhir about 30 km, so the organization will require additional Shuttle service.

If You decide to go by taxi:

  • You can order your taxi through one of the taxi services of Irkutsk or book a taxi when booking, on our website, putting it in the line "additional information".

If You decide to travel by Shuttle bus:

To reserve space on the Shuttle bus when booking, on our website, putting it in the line "additional information". 
To specify the time of departure at the administrator. Additional booking fee will be charged. Payment of tickets at the gate.
Departure from Irkutsk (bus station or Central market) depends on the time of departure – place of arrival on the island base of rest of "Lada".

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We will gladly answer all your questions.
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