LADA is located in the region with trees closer to the forest on the east, more quiet side of Khuzhir village. Tayozhnaya street is the one before the last street where the forest starts.

There are lots of roads in the forest that were used by locals previously. Now it is great to enjoy these forest ways with bicycles. It is very easy to ride to the creek in the forest, or ride up the big hill to enjoy great panorama over Khuzhir village and see far away into the Small Sea straight.

It is about 20 minute walk to the shore of lake Baikal through the village or around the village along Voroshilova street in the north side. You can reach Cape Burkhan or Shamanka it is the famous Shaman Rock in all Asia.


Many people here specially to see this miracle of nature. To the right from Shaman Rock you can visit Sarayskiy Beach. Beautiful location with relic pine trees and sand dunes. Mystery forest around the hills and a rocky Kharantsy Island in the end of the beach. This place is famous and popular. In hot days you can see many campers here. At night there are many campfires and people get together for great stories.


All the travels start in Khuzhir village. This is the location where you begin to explore lake Baikal. Olkhon island is a very good presentation, but it is just the tip of Baikal iceberg, all the best starts in the Big Sea of lake Baikal.


LADA offers opportunities to have great experience visiting Ushkaniy Island where Baikal seals live. Swim in the hot springs of Chivirkuyi Bay. Visit wild locations where not so many people will travel. Go across the lake on fast comfortable ships and explore locations with the most fresh air and amazing nature views.


LADA Guesthouse on Olkhon Island is a great location to begin or finish your journey around lake Baikal. Location is very important and we are happy to be here for you on the biggest island of great sea of lake Baikal.