Reaching Lada guesthouse is easy

From Ferry to Olkhon Island

We organise personal transfers on off road minivans from the ferry to Olkhon Island to LADA.
Ferry is 260 kilometers from Irkutsk city, it is free for all, you can take 15 minute trip to Olkhon where our driver will meet you and take to LADA in Khuzhir village. It is 40 kilometers ride on a soil road. 

3-5 people transfer 3500 rubles one way
6-8 people transfer 7000 rubles one way

From Irkutsk city

Estimated journey time by car is about 4-6 hours. Depends on the weather and waiting time in the line of vehicles to the ferry. 
Careful! Waiting time for the line at the ferry can be very long from beginning of July to the end of August. 

Passenger vehicles (all public busses and minibusses) goes first and don't wait in line to the ferry. Also locals don't wait in the line. 

Different types of transfers to Lada guesthouse on Olkhon 
  • Public minibus/bus
  • Door to door minibus pickup
  • Water transportation
  • Personal transfer
  • Private boat or ship
  • Helicopter
  • Taxi

Estimated journey time by water may vary sagnificantly. Some speed boats can reach Olkhon Island during few hours, big public ships and modern ships usually make it during the day. Some small private cruise ship transfer can take a couple of days or more on request.

Note: weather can change the plans in case of water transfer. 

Personal transfer

We arrange a suitable car for you or your company. 
Driver picks you up at any location in Irkutsk or surrounding area and takes you to the doorstep of Lada guesthouse. 
Sightseeing stops may be arranged upon request, and other modifications to the route.
Price: 20000 RUB 

Door to door minibus 

Leaves from Irkutsk everyday in the morning. Time of departure depends on number of passengers and their location.
Minibus exits the city at 10.00 AM
Minibus can pick you up from any address in Irkutsk and near areas. 
It is also possible to arrange pickup or connection from Listvyanka. 
One lunch stop on the way in a local cafe. 30-60 minutes. Lunch at your expence.
Total time 5-6 hours. 
We will send you details about place of departure, or the minibus can pick you up from your place of stay in Irkutsk. 
Price: 1000 RUB
Book and pay online 2 days before the trip. 

Public minibus/bus

Departure time from public bus station in Irkutsk downtown. 
Daily leaves in the morning around 9.00 
Public minibusses arrive in one location in the center of Khuzhir village on Olkhon Island. 
Ask at your hotel/guesthouse reception about details and reservation.
May be one lunch stop on the way. Lunch at your expence
Price: not more than 800 RUB cash only, maybe extra charge for luggage

Water transportation

You can find out more about public water transportation on lake Baikal here: 
If you need help to purchase tickets, please contact us.
Note: usually is overbooked!
Normally includes bus or minibus tranfers to the place of boarding.
Price: 3500 RUB (can change) taxes and comissions not included.


The fastest way to reach Lada guesthouse from any lake Baikal location. 
Best sightseeing opportunity. 
Price: upon request 


You can order your taxi through one of the taxi services of Irkutsk or book a taxi when booking on our website, putting it in the line "additional information".
Price: 5300 - 5900 RUB for 1 person + luggage not includint cost of waiting time in the line at the ferry.