Sports equipment rental

Sports equipment rental
At the recreation center "Harmony" is a recreational bicycle rental, where you can ride with the whole family and enjoy an extraordinary landscape on. Olkhon. Just imagine: fresh air, the breeze and the awesome power of the lake - is truly memorable.

Lovers relaxing pastime can play billiards. Just for kids and adults have air hockey. Children will be very interesting to play this active game and compete with adults.

For children's outdoor activities, in the territory of the base there is a children's playground and a table tennis table, which can absolutely free to play table tennis big and small guests.

We have everything that you and your children to spend time interesting and useful!


  • Rent a bike pleasure - 100 rubles / hour. 500 rub. / day
  • Billiards - 100 rubles / hour.
  • Air hockey - 100 rubles / hour.