Sunset water excursion

Duration: 2-3 hours 
Group: maximum 8 people
Warm blankets, hot tea and sweets
Starts from LADA

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This is an evening tour by ship in the Small Sea Strait along western shore of Olkhon Island. It creates unforgettable memories of the island and the shore in the light of the setting sun. Ship will go around the Shaman Rock and great view on it from the sea side. Then along the beach and around little island of Kharantsy the ship will arrive to even smaller rocky islands where no one except seaguls and cormorants live. Seaguls like to follow the ship and ask fo the treats screaming.

From here you can see far away along the shore of Olkhon Island and see how big it is and at the same time it is small piece of land in the sea of lake Baikal. 

Experience how the port life in Khuzhir is ending after the sunset, boats are parking and people go back to their apartments, tired and happy. Both guests and hosts enjoy the short but beautiful summer water season on Olkhon Island.