North cape Khoboy

Duration: 6-7 hours 
Group: maximum 8 people
Hot picnic lunch cooked and served in nature
Starts from LADA
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The trip starts in the morning, when you meet your driver and guide. 

The car will drive to the most north part of Olkhon Island. Where lake Baikal has the widest place. It is 79 kilometers from west to east shore of the lake. This line goes very near cape Khoboy — the tiny tip of Olkhon Island touching this line. 

Along the way you will see old airfield, other smaller villages and settlements, herds of cow, sheep, horses. The variety of landscapes is great and it is very beautiful and different in every location. Rocky cliffs are followed by forest with muddy roads, and then vast steppe opens and the road is like a highway. 

Sand dunes of Peschanaya bay still didn't cover the remains of labor camps, which existed here in the middle of 20th century. Few houses are left here and there, also new ones appear istead of the old ones. Some people dream about moving to this great island for good. During this trip you can understand why. 

Driver stops in several locations and there is a chance to enjoy the silence and beauty of the Island. 

In the end we stop at Uzury village, which is the only one on the east shore of Olkhon Island. There is a meteostation, guesthouse and few people who live there. Also few cows and horses wordering around this location and look that they are almost wild.