Duration: 6-7 hours 
Group: maximum 8 people
Warm blankets, hot picnic lunch, tea and sweets
Starts from LADA
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There are about 30 islands in lake Baikal and big portion of them are located in Small Sea straight which is along the north west shore of Olkhon Island. 

In 2005 on one of them, on Ogoy Island, a buddhist stupa was constructed by the Tibetan Buddhism comunity. Treasures of this culture were sealed in that stupa. At the same year Olkhon was connected to electricity grid, which gave people the opportunity to use cheap electricity in abundance. 

Mainland shore of Small Sea straight, opposite from Olkhon shore is covered with mountains and river valleys between them. That's why they look like pyramids from the far. Few locations have natural water springs with great water, that has been known as healing water among local communities. 

A trip combines sailing and hiking experience. Visit to buddhist stupa is a 1 hour hike on a small island of Ogoy, there is a great observation point on the top near the stupa. Great 1 hour walk into the woods to see the location of natural spring and taste the water from it. Picnic lunch is prepared by the team and can be served on the ship or on the shore.