Olkhon South Part

Duration: 6-7 hours 
Group: maximum 8 people
Picnic lunch, hot tea, and sweets
Starts from LADA
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The trip starts at the observation point with a great panoramic view on khuzhir village, Small Sea straight and west shore of Lake Baikal. South part of Olkhon Island is different and is beautiful in its own way. 

There is a small lake separated from Lake Baikal by small sand line. It is shallow and is frozen a long time before the big lake is covered with ice. 

There are few locations with interesting stone formations. There are versions that these are the remains of ancient towns and settlements of Kurikan people. The landscape is similar to Mongolia, but it has its own unique characteristics that you cannot meet anywhere in the world. 

After the hike to the east shore of Olkhon Island driver serves lunch cooked on the fire. Everybody must have a good snack and the car heads back to the village making a few other stops along the way.