Baikal Frozen Kingdom

Duration: 6-7 hours
Group: maximum 8 people
Picnic lunch, hot tea, and sweets
Starts from LADA
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Off-road minivan trip across the north part of Olkhon Island. In winter the lake is frozen and the island is surrounded by the kingdom of ice. 

It is possible to depart much earlier and to straight to cape Khoboy to enjoy the sunrize, while there will be nobody there. Of course, this trip is the most popular one here. 

In every location near the water, it is possible to go out in the lake ice and see all the beauty of crystal clear frozen water. 

At the stops on the high rocky shores, it is possible to see far away and imagine yourself as an eagle flying over this large body of Lake Baikal. 

After a short 1 hour hike in the most remote part of the trip, on cape Khoboy, the group has lunch cooked by driver-guide on fire. Everybody must eat well after bumpy riding across the island and great walking around one of the most beautiful capes in East Siberia. 

To go on the ice is a very special activity at Lake Baikal and is done using special hovercrafts or sled-boats. During some winters it is even possible to drive across the lake on a car. 

During the end of February and beginning of March, there is a lot of people traveling on ice. They go on foot and use many different types of transportation. Trekking across the lake is becoming very popular.